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Why Mommy and Me Music
Posted on May 25th, 2017 
One thing I learned about New York is that they have amazing free classes for babies.
Mommy and Baby Class
 A seven minute walk away from my house was the Midwood Library branch in Brooklyn, where every Monday they had a series called "Stomp, Clap, & Sing". This series was absolutely incredible. Literally every single Monday, a different children's musician or music group would come and perform for kids ages birth to five years. We're talking about free weekly music concerts that each lasted about 45 minutes. Lukas and I were in heaven.
Mommy and Babies Playing Together
What was most beautiful was seeing all the kids and their caregivers. There were moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, you name it. And it was always full. Why? Because music is extraordinary and kids of all ages and levels can relate to music and live through music. Especially this type of music, because it was geared towards them so the content, tunes, messages, and expressions were already on their developmental track.

Anyways, coming to these free weekly music concerts allowed Lukas and I to mingle quite a bit. I then learned about another fabulous free weekly (musical) playdate option at the East Midwood Jewish Center. This place just so happened to be one and a half blocks away from my apartment. So of course, Lukas and I became regulars at this event as well, and again, it amazed me. Moms, dads, grandparents, and nannies all brought their little ones to play, dance, sing, and read books together. Some I recognized from the library, but some were new friends to be made.
Acoustic Band Playing for Babies
I then discovered that my Midwood Library had this same type of play, dance, and sing activity weekly, on Wednesdays. Naturally Lukas and I joined that class too 😇. The fingerplays (nursery rhymes or little poems/stories with hand movements) the songs, and the dances were different than at the Midwood Jewish Center- which was great because we got a really nice variety that way- but the concept was still the same: kids exploring themselves and one another through music and literacy. I was hooked. 
Babies and Toddlers Listening to Live Performance
So there Lukas and I were; Mondays at the library, Tuesdays at the Jewish Center, and Wednesdays at the library. 
We rarely missed a class. My little boy really started to blossom. He was mesmerized by the performers on Mondays. He joined in on the songs with his singing, clapping, and dancing so ecstatically. He loved the sing-a-longs and play time with his Tuesday and Wednesday crews, and he started to learn how to share all the community toys with his new friends.
Every library around the Palm Coast area also has these baby classes where they sing songs with movements, do little cute dances, and have toy stations and crafts afterwards for the kids to mingle. I personally go to the main Flagler library branch, but I know the Bunnell branch and St. Augustine library have them too. If you are a stay-at-home, or you just so happen to be home with your little one, I highly recommend taking advantage of any and all group classes; principally ones that involve music. These are opportunities we shouldn't let our kiddos miss out on. 
Mommies Playing a Game With Their Babies
Babies Playing In a Ball Pen
Collage Of Baby Boy Playing With Toys
If you want to take it a step further, I offer a Mommy & Me Group Music Class called "Music Explorers," where we delve into music-making, instruments, and all sorts of musical ruckus.

Music is everywhere and everything, but it's so much more fun together. Whatever you do with your little one, add in some music and watch them light up.
Head shot of Emily Hosier
By Emily Feinberg-Hosier
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