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“best teacher ever!!! my child learned so much with Emily. her voice opened up, her pitch recognition and register improved. I’m so happy to have had Emily as my daughter’s teacher.”

~ Melvin E., Orlando, FL ~
“Emily is very talented, friendly and always smiling. She had given piano lesson to 3 of my kids and I would recommend her to anyone looking for piano or voice lessons.”

~ Yelena K., Palm Coast, FL ~
“Emily is an excellent music teacher. She connects very easily with children and adapts to their learning styles. My 10-year-old child loves playing the piano with. She has a lot fun while learning.”
~ Margaret D., New York, NY ~
“Emily taught both my children, Max and Alexandra, voice lessons. She is wonderful with children and has many amazing techniques for kids to “visualize” what their voices should be doing! 
She went above and beyond in so many ways. She really honestly cares about my children’s well being and singing career. 
Emily made extra time for me to book additional sessions when my kids were training for an audition. She also took the time to Skype with them on the mornings of their Broadway auditions to give them last minute advice and encouragement! 
She is my number one choice as a voice instructor. And, five stars are not enough for Emily!!”
~ Cindy K., Tampa, FL ~
Stephen & Jeanie Foster Vocal Competition
Stephen & Jeanie Foster Vocal Competition
Feb. 8, 2018
Becoming a part of the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) has introduced me to all kinds of new performance opportunities for young musicians. To be a member of the NFMC, you have to be a member of the State Club too, which in my case, is the Florida Federation of Music Clubs (FFMC). 
“Emily is an excellent music teacher. She connects very easily with children and adapts to their learning styles. My 10-year-old child loves playing the piano with. She has a lot fun while learning.”
~ Vaneza A., Palm Coast, FL ~
“Emily is so sweet with children and encourages them to grow. She was Anna’s first piano teacher and set the bar high for other teachers...Anyone who accepts Emily for their instructor has made a golden choice. Anna’s love for music is growing and becoming a part of who she is. It all began in first grade with Emily. Thanks Emily!”
~ Cindy R., Orlando, FL ~
“The first time I heard Emily give my husband singing lessons I was blown away. Being a teacher myself I could spot a natural born teacher instantly. She is amazing! She teaches voice from the deepest place, and through this depth of knowledge and experience, she is able to help her students tap into that place and from it their voice emerges. It’s like watching a magician at work.”
~ Sarah K., Brooklyn, NY ~
Planet e Studios' Music Explorers performing at Winter Recital, 2017.
The 4 Step Recital Checklist
Jan. 30, 2018
Oh boy! It's December! It's my very first studio recital and I was in charge of every detail! My studio's debut performance in Palm Coast, FL for all their (and my) family and friends to see. How riveting and how intimidating at the same time. I was SO nervous. So many fun things happened...
“Autumn was 6 when we started her in piano lessons. We were worried she wouldn’t want to continue or get frustrated easily, but we made it through the whole first level with Emily without her once dreading to go to piano—in fact, she loved it! I’m so grateful that Emily made learning piano fun and stress free with positive reinforcement and never any criticism or negativity. Even when Autumn made mistakes (as anyone learning something new will do), never once did our daughter leave thinking she wasn’t doing a great job, and the encouragement kept her focused and paying attention and learning. Sadly, our family moved far away, but because of the great start she had, she is wanting to continue lessons at our new home. I’m quite sure she won’t have AS great of a next experience (only because Emily would be hard to top), but we are hoping her first experience with piano will have created a good base to continue. Emily is very knowledgeable, prices reasonable, and environment was great. Highly recommend!”
~ Candace D., Palm Coast, FL ~
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