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Planet e Studios are in-home studios specifically designed for music lessons.
Let's Have Fun & Create Music Together!
Husband and wife team, Wil Hosier & Emily Feinberg-Hosier, have always had music in their lives. They know firsthand the benefits and joy it brings. 
Planet e Studios was created for musicians like you, to share music with the community!
From the curious...
Music Explorers Playing Piano
to the focused...
Student Preparing Piano Piece for Festival
to the natural...
Student Preparing for Vocal Coaching
...we welcome all types, ages, and levels of skill.
Our teachers are about having fun and creating music together. 

Our lessons are built on trust and the relationships we build with our students, to help them achieve their musical goals. 

We strive for our students to delve into their inner creativity and explore music of all kinds, through their craft. 
Animation of a girl playing piano.
Planet e Studios exists because music is important. Music is essential. And music should be shared, all over the planet, by everyone, including YOU!
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